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Belize Airports Authority

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Belize Airports Authority

The BAA was established under the BAA Act Chapter 238 Laws of Belize to manage & administer prescribed aerodromes and provide all essential services and facilities necessary for the efficient operations of said aerodromes.

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Belize Airports Authority oversees the day-to-day operations of aerodromes, ensures safety, provides essential services, and directs physical development efforts for expansion and modernization. This comprehensive approach is executed by a highly skilled staff and effective management.

  • Aerodrome Safety & Security

  • Aerodrome Maintenance

  • Aerodrome Development

  • Specialized Staff

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Belize is home to a total of thirty-six (36) aerodromes, comprising of sixteen (16) public and twenty (20) private aerodromes. The Belize Airports Authority (BAA) holds the responsibility for the administration of all local public aerodromes.
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